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There's not really an 'Us' at Little People Store, well not just yet anyway! It's simply me working from an office at home. I've always wanted to run my own online store after working in retail and marketing for 20 years, (I worked on the launch of Woolworths' website in 1999, that makes me feel rather old!).

My Mum used to say 'You work so hard for everyone else, so do it for yourself', so I am.
Surprisingly at aged 40 I got pregnant, defying the odds after being told that my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment had left me unable to conceive. Well I'm living proof that miracles do happen and I'd really like to be a 'work-at-home' Mum so I can spend as much time with my little 'miracle' that I can.

So I've taken my Mum's advice, set up a baby clothing shop and I'm hoping that my baby son and I can create a harmony at home where I can run my business, whilst he sits quietly chewing the balls in his ball pit, (He really does, I'm a lucky Mum!).

So actually, yes there is an 'Us' at Little People Store, it's my son Theo and I. And we've enjoyed shopping around for affordable designer baby treats for you to buy for your own children or for a gift, with a few must-have baby essentials that we couldn't do without.

If we can be of any assistance with your purchase, please get in touch. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience with us and come back to visit us again soon!

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