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Billy's Grandad and the Search for Horris

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Billy's Grandad and the Search for Horris

This book tells the story of Billy and his Grandad who embark on a magical adventure together. It's a great bedtime story and especial one for a Grandpa to read to his Grandchildren!

In this adventure, Grandad takes Billy underground to meet his old friend, Horris the Spider. When they discover that Horris is missing, they decide to search for him.

And the adventure begins…

About the Author
A thirty-seven-year-old married father of two boys, R. T. Griffiths is currently working as a fire-fighter in South Wales. The role gives him the opportunity to make a difference in people's lives, often when they need it most, which he feels is a privilege. Football has also been a huge part of his life, having played both professionally and semi-professionally over the last twenty years or so. However, football and his working life are now second to being a father. His family means everything to Griffiths, and he is fortunate to spend a lot of time with my two sons. Thinking of new and inventive ways to entertain them is always a challenge, and this is what led to him creating Billy's Grandad and the Search for Horris. It started with Griffiths talking to the boys about Horris, a spider his grandfather used to invent stories about when he himself was a child. As their interest grew, so did the story. His oldest son has given the subjective feedback that only a three-year-old could throughout the making of this book! Griffiths' grandfather, William (known as Billy), passed away in 2008. This book enables him to live on in the lives of Griffiths' children.


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