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As a new mum myself, I found it imperative to ask other mother's what I should buy before my son arrived. I didn't have a clue! So I've put together a list of must-have-items that I couldn't live without. If you're a new mum or looking for a newborn gift idea, we really think this list of baby products are a good place to start!
If you're a mum and have any suggestions which you think are a must-have for new mums, let us know

Pram Gloves
Pram Gloves

The first time I came across these gloves was when I was looking after my friend's son Lucas and they were attached to his pram. My husband and I took him for a walk and pretty much fought over who was pushing the pram so we could wear the pram gloves! 

They are snuggly warm, attach to the handles with velcro so if you need to take your hands out, you simply slip them out...and then slip them back in, without the faff of having to take the gloves off. 

Lucky for us when our son was born, this same friend bought us a pair of the pram gloves. They are definitely a 'must have' item for the Autumn and Winter season!

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Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep

How did people prepare their baby's milk without it? 

The Perfect Prep Machine takes seconds to make your baby's milk at the perfect temperature so it's great for those late night feeds! The water is filtered so it's cleaner for your baby from hard water, so it's great to using to give your baby filtered cool water when they're at the age to drink water.

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We were given a bottle of Infacol in a gift set when our son was born. We had no idea what it was for but my cousin who gave it to us said to keep it until we know when it's time to use it. She was right... 6 weeks in and our son was crying uncontrollably, no matter what we did, he screamed and screamed in a way that he'd not done before. We were worried but knew that babies can often do that so we thought we'd try the Infacol, and it worked! He just had wind. 

The great thing with Infacol is that is doesn't matter if you give it to your baby with them not needing it. Unlike most medication, it won't do any harm. We used to give it to our son on his dummy to help him get to sleep as he liked the orange flavour. For what it does for baby's wind is brilliant and it's not worth not having with you at all times!

Bath Thermometer

Baby Bath Thermometer
Babies skin is extra sensitive and what seems to be warm water to an adult, could be a lot hotter for a newborn baby. 

Therefore a bath thermometer is a must have item so you can test the water before putting your baby in. This fun thermometer from Nuby flashed 'HOT' when the water is too hot for your baby, and it's great as it doubles up as a rubber duck!

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A Helpful Book
Hurrah for Gin

I'm sure there comes a time in every new mum's life that she thinks 'I'm not doing a good job'. Whether it's because she's not had time to shower, that she just needs 5 mins breathing time on her own or just needs to know that she's in the same boat as millions of other mums. 

This book, Hurrah for Gin, is essential reading. My friend introduced me to Katie Kirby's blog when my son was born as I confessed to her that I was feeling like I didn't have a clue what I was doing. It gave me reason to take a deep breathe, laugh at myself and laugh at the fact that we all feel the same! I've since bought 4 copies for friend's of mine, even those who have toddlers, it's brilliant! 

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Dribble Bibs

Baby Dribble Bibs
You can never have enough dribble bibs! I keep spare bibs in the car, my handbag, in the kitchen drawer and always in the bottom of my son's pram.

They're great for catching dribbles and for mopping up even the messier dribblers! They come in selections of great colours so you can't match them with your baby's wardrobe too!

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Non Spill Cups
Baby Non Spill Cup

These Nuby Non-Spill Cups actually work! I know because I filled one with water, threw it across the room (As my son would do) and it didn't spill. I also tipped it above my head and shook it, and the water stayed put. Genius! Especially when you have a baby that likes to throw things!

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Frozen Fruit Feeders
Baby Fruit Feeder
I've learnt since my son started teething at 6 months old that this fruit feeder is a live saver to soothe those sore gums! I squish in a banana, pop it in the freezer and once frozen, let him chomp away on it. 

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