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Why are Organic Clothes Better for Children?

When the pores on our skin open, no-one actually knows what we then absorb into the skin from clothing. But imagine all of those chemicals from dyes and pesticides used to grow cotton might be doing? It's a scary thought but there's no proof or warnings that it's actually doing any harm.

As a mum, I tried to push the thought out of my head but in the current sweltering heat of this Summer, I've started to worry about it more and more. Is my son's skin absorbing toxic dyes into his skin and worst still... those nasty pesticides. I've made a rule that anything new which isn't organic is washed before use, just to give myself piece of mind. But the more I read (thanks Google for feeding my paranoia!) the more I'm phasing out cheaper cotton and going organic.

I've started to buy in some brilliant organic cotton brands for Little People Store:

Kite Clothing
Toby Tiger
Little Green Radicals
Lucy and Sam
Name IT 

and my son has been wearing them to test their durability. He's 2 years old and loves to jump in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa Pig!) and gets his clothes as dirty as he can, especially at meal times. Most evening his clothes are sat in a bowl being soaked in stain remover but time and time again the organic clothes come out of the wash still as perfectly colourful and bright as the day he first wore them. Plus they don't take on the 'worn' feel that most non-organic clothes have. 

I do regret not putting my son in organic only cotton clothes since he was born, but I have to admit that at the time I thought it was a load of earthy rubbish. Now that I know more about it, I choose items made of organic cotton and non-toxic dyes. However, i'd be lying if I said that he's purely in organic clothing, I do buy the odd Peppa Pig t-shirt and socks just to be able to bribe my son to hurry up and get dressed!

If you're buying for a gift then definitely go organic, you can't beat the feel of the softest cotton, and the knowledge that the baby you're giving it to is going to have the best quality on their skin. Plus it's also so much better for the environment, let's not forget that important factor!

If you're buying for your own little person, then feel smug that you're only buying the best and you won't be needing to throw the clothes away when they've outgrown them, as the quality is simply superb... so passing it on to a sibling, family or friend's child or a sale on ebay will be worthwhile!

So at Little People HQ, we now pride ourselves for selling a number of Fair Trade and organic baby and toddler clothing that are both ethically sourced and also kinder to your baby's skin and the environment. So go organic, buy a piece and try it... I honestly think you'll love it.

Look out for the GOTS label, The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) organic label. They are the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibres and requires that the clothing is 95 percent organic and has no toxic dyes or finishes.

Oh and by the way, how cool is this... Kite Clothing's fleece is made from 50% recycled plastic bottles. And their buttons are made from coconut skins and sea shells! How's that for an impressive gift!

If you have any question about organic clothing, please get in touch. In the meantime... take a look at our Organic Clothing Collection xx

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