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Product Review - Fruit Feeders

Written by Little People


Posted on May 12 2017

The Fruit Feeder is part of my son's daily feeding routine at breakfast, lunch and dinner (Yes that's my son's cheeky face chomping on his fruit feeder!)

I've been giving it to him since he was 6 months old and I usually put banana, strawberries or blackberries inside, but I've been known to put rice pudding and also bolognese inside to get my son to eat! As he insist on feeding himself, this is much safer than giving him a spoon, believe me I've tried a spoon and I still have the bolognese stains on the wall to prove it! 

The great thing about these feeders is that they're also great for teething! To help with my son's sore gums, I keep the fruit in the fridge so when he chomps on the feeder, the cold fruit relieves the teething pain.

I put mine in the dishwasher and we've been using it daily for the past 3 months so they're durable and can also survive being thrown across a room!

I'd definitely put this down as one of my baby's essentials so I'd 100% recommend a Fruit Feeder, that's why I wanted to stock them in my online shop!

Available in pink, green, yellow and blue for £4.95 click here to buy

Kath x