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Great Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies

Written by Little People


Posted on July 25 2017

As we're adding new items onto our site, we've noticed a theme of products that would go great together for gift ideas for a newborn baby! Take a look below to see the bundles we've created. If you'd like to purchase a bundle, please drop us an email via our Contact Form and tell us what you'd like and we'll even write a card for you, gift wrap it and send it on your behalf! Or simply follow the links and add them to your basket to make a purchase.

Ducks Baby Gift Set
Ducks Newborn Baby Gift Set

Toby Tiger Duckling Sleepsuit
Nuby Duck Bath Thermometer
Duck Shoes by Starchild
Super Soft Duck Dribble Bib


Soldier Baby Gift Set

Soldier Newborn Baby Gift Set
Soldier leggings
Soldier knitted toy

Lions Baby Gift Set

Lion Newborn Gift Set

Jungle Blanket
Lion Sleepsuit and Blanket
Lion Clip on rattle
Lion Stripey Romper

Bunny Baby Gift Set

Bunny Newborn Baby Gift Set

Pink Bunny Rattle Toy
Happy Bunny Tshirts
Bunny knitted rattle
Bunny Playsuit
Bunny Ring Rattle

Mouse Baby Gift Set

Mouse Newborn Baby Gift Set
Mouse Rattle Toy
Mouse knitted Dungarees

Rocket Baby Gift Set

Rocket Baby Set

Rocket Babygrow and Hat
Rocket Rattle Toy
Rocket Long Sleeved Bib

Pirate Baby Gift Set

Pirate Newborn Baby Gift Set
Pirate Rattle Toy
Pirate Knitted Leggings

Dinosaurs Baby Gift Set
Dinosaur Newborn Baby Gift Set

T Rex Dinosaur Rattle
Dinosaur Soft Dribble Bib
Dinosaur Long Sleeved Bib